Weight Loss Programme

Enjoy Health Weight Loss Programme

Enjoy the transformation of your life!

Individual Approach; Tailor Made

Duration: 4 weeks (we can arrange a shorter or longer programme period)


Enjoy Health offers you the life time opportunity to change your whole life style and become healthier, happier and more satisfied person. Our programme is a lot more than losing weight programme. We will teach you how to change your life for better in cooperation with the highly qualified experts – professional nutritionists, professional personal trainers specialized for weight loss and rehabilitation programmes, doctors and other professionals who will make you a healthier and happier person.

The programme is adjusted to ever person individually according to her/his temporarily health and fitness level, his/her needs and wishes.

After medical examination and consultation with nutritionist and personal trainers, you will be prescribed your own individually menu of healthy and balanced meals and individually training programme.

Besides medical fitness and nutrition, we offer you a wide range of services: wellness & spa services, various massages and body treatments, anti aging and beauty treatments, weight loss wellness treatments, cultural, adventure and rural tourism services, excursions and all other services at your wish.

We want you to enjoy Split and Dalmatia whilst making progress with your health, fitness level and the quality of your life.



Basic Programme includes:

Nutritionist services

  • Individually cca 60 min consultation with the client and initial measuring – determination of food anamnesis, examination of medical documentation, anthropometric measurement (height, weight, circumferences), determination of body composition to define body type, definition of diet preferences of client
  • Creation of individually menu according to previously defined criteria based on Mediterranean diet. Menu is consisted of explicit part that includes defined food, its amounts and detailed recipes how to prepare it and the time needed for each meal preparation and of numeric part that is consisted of daily intake of all macronutrients with its energy value, mass and the percentage in daily intake
  • Control measurement (three times in four weeks) and consultation for a new nutrition plan
  • Final measurement – instructions for further diet
  • Written menus are permanent ownership of the client



Training programme with personal trainers

  • Individually, private approach
  • Specialized personal programme created by professionals in cooperation with nutritionist and doctor according to individual fitness level and health condition
  • Trainers are using the most quality equipment for training process (Eleiko, Compex, Tanita, Cosmed, Concept 2 etc)
  • Outdoor and indoor training are combined


Medical examination and monitoring

Accommodation in apartments in the centre of Split (27 nights/28 days)

                                                                                                  Izvor: TZ Grada Splita


Studio weight loss treatments:

  • 4 x Vaccu press
  • 4 x Radiofrequency
  • 4 x massage (30 min)
  • 4 x Fit Vibe
  • Hydrocolon therapy x 5 (under the doctors instruction and permission)
  • Cavitation x 4 (under the doctors instruction and permission)


Wellness & Spa x 4

  • Indoor pool, jacuzzi massage, Thermal Zone (warm and cold onsen pools, saunas, steam room, gym...), Whole body massage, 60 min, Inividual training with personal coach, 60 min
  • for any additional services please let us know and we will include it in the price

Transfers through destination

Full insurance package – travel insurance, health insurance, accident insurance and baggage insurance 


PRICE for basic programme: 4.653,00 EUR

Final price will be determinate for each client in the offer based on the health and fitness level and goals of the client


We recommend:

  • Weight Sensor genetic test

Genetically personalized weight loss programme with life long validity. Up to 2.5 times more success weight loss.  

  • Analysis of 8 genetic variations
  • What contributes predominantly to obesity, fat or carbohydrates?
  • Genetically customized nutrition and exercise program
  • Report with over 60 pages and 1000+ foods evaluated based on your genes
  • Weight loss program with lifetime validity
  • Daily menu plans based on your genes
  • Diet plan with the DNAnutriControl menu portal

Genes are the blueprint of our body, and it is estimated that 80% of obesity is caused by our genes. As each of us carries other genes, some people absorb too much fat, while others can even have twice as much fat in the diet and still absorb only the necessary amount. The situation is similar with carbohydrates. The optimum amount of exercise also depends on genes. Regular exercise may help some people lose weight very quickly, while for others it may be  less efficient. 



Which approach is right for you?

You can find out which weight loss approach is right for you, thanks to the new possibilities offered by human genetics. You will receive a list of more than 1000 foods tailored to your genes, showing what you can eat without problems, and what you should best avoid. This way you can eat what you like while losing or maintaining your weight.


  • City Tours and Excursions with a licensed guide
  • Diocletian Palace and City Centre
  • Marjan Forest Park
  • Trogir City Tour
  • Krka National Park and Šibenik
  • Any other excursion at the client’s wish



  • Various beauty, detox and anti aging treatments
  • Other wellness & spa services that the one mentioned in basic programme
  • Any other service at the client’s wish


Please, let us know if you would like to include any of this not including services in your packages.

Also, any other service you would like to include, and is not mentioned in this programme, we would be very glad to offer it, if it’s possible. Make your wish list!

*All trips can be replaced with some other trip at your wish. At your wish, we can include additional trips



30% per person on the day of reservation

The rest of the money 10 days prior the arrival.


Terms of cancellation:

If the rest of the sum isn't paid 10 days prior the arrival, it will be considered that the reservation is cancelled. If the reservation isn't cancelled prior to the agreed term, advance in amount of 30% per person will not be returned to the client.

Last minute arrangements must be paid as a lump sum on the reservation day.

Transportation: plane or other kind of transport according the agreement with the client or the group, it will be organized and included in the price after the reservation of programme


Programme period: Whole year

Duration of the programme: 4 weeks. It is the minimum amount of time to achieve some results, but we recommend longer programme duration.