Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian Hinterland)

Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian Hinterland) is a continental part of Dalmatia. It is 150 km long area separated from the cost with mountains Kozjak, Mosor, Omiška Dinara, Biokovo and Rilić. It is constituted of the surroundings of Knin, Drniš, Sinj, Vrlika and Vrgorac. Although it is consisted of relatively low elevations of small valleys and the fields between them, the nature took care of survival of the people in such an inhospitable rocky area. People are working in traditional activities such as animal husbandry and agriculture, especially winegrowing.

Lately, locals are proud to present the beauties and values of Dalmatinska zagora to their guests. Traditional dishes made of organic fruit and vegetables, local wines and various schnapps (rakijas) will delight the most demanding gastronomes.

Besides magical and unique Blue and Red Lake (Modro i Crveno jezero), rivers, mountains, Dalmatinska zagora offers the magic of the underworld too.  The Vranjača Cave, at the foothill of Mosor mountain, is full of stalactites and stalagmites, arcades and columns and chambers covered with crystals that glisten in bluish and green colours.

Visit Dalmatinska zagora, the land of strong chevaliers and poets!