Dalmatia is a part of Mediterranean so traditionally, Mediterranean diet is a part of its history and present. There is a million reasons for loving Mediterranean diet.

Among its fantastic taste, it is one of the healthiest diets of all, which combines fresh food, physical activity and tradition.

“The Mediterranean Diet is a cultural, historical, social, territorial and environmental heritage. It is a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions ranging from the landscape to the table, which ends up on our tables. It is also a living legacy promoting respect for the cultural diversity and an expression of sociability and local communication reinforcing a feeling of identity.” (copy Mediterranean Diet Foundation: MedDiet Project: Mediterranean Diet and Enhancement of Taraditional Foodstuff Project)

Mediterranean, and then of course Dalmatian diet is consists  of  the meals made from the local products: olive oil, local fruit and vegetables, meet from the locally grown animals and wine, as a very strong social component.

Mediterranean and local diet can be enjoyed in lot of Dalmatia’s restaurants, but for the best feel of Dalmatian tradition and landscape beauties, where the history and present merge into a magical experience, we recommend rural households, where you can enjoy “from the field to the table” meals in the authentic atmosphere.

For the city lovers, there are “konobas”, restaurants where they serve traditional Dalmatian food and are decorated in the Dalmatian traditional way. It is a real journey to the Dalmatian past   with all your senses. 

We also offer all other kinds of gastronomy experiences (international cuisine,  modern cuisine) and special diets (gluten free, vegetarian diet, halal...)