Gyneacology – Assisted Reproductive Technology

Our partner, Primarius Vladimir Šparac, MD, PhD, the owner of Polyclinics for Gyneacology and Obstetrics Šparac”, is one of the most experienced endoscopic operators in Europe with over 300 surgeries in the field of Gynecological Surgery and Endoscopy (Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy).

He has a long experience and is very respected in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. From 2012 he has a title of Subspecialist in the field of Human Reproduction.

Researches showed that around 15% of couples have some kind of fertility problem by the cause of one or both partners. WHO is advancing all couples who can’t get pregnant after two years of trying to visit a fertility doctor for consultations and tests.

We offer you services of Assisted Reproductive Technology and a fertility programme by your individual state in the respectable polyclinic with the best experts, high quality technology, the highest level of care for every patient and affordable prices.




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Infertility problem is so common today, it seems it is all around us. Daruvar therame have a long tradition of successfull infertility treatment.

Daruvar thermae are ideal combination of beautiful natural environment, thermal water, healthy mineral mud and professional approach to natural infertility treatment.

Adequate physical therapies with natural healing factors (thermal mineral water and mineral mud – fango) give very successful results in the treatment of chronic inflammations of the female genitalia, primary and secondary infertility, postoperative infiltrates after gynaecologic surgeries, hormonal disorders and ovaries dysfunction. Good results are also achieved in the treatment of stress incontinence by electric stimulation of pelvic muscles using interferential currents and medical gymnastics. 

Therapeutic properties of thermal water and mineral mud in the treatment of gynaecologic diseases are evident in decreasing of inflammatory swellings, in establishing of regular hormonal function, improvement of fallopian tube passage and in better functioning of the ovaries and uterus. Irregular, painful or massive menstruations as result of hormonal disorder in the sense of ovaries dysfunction, also react very well to this treatment (suspension of pain and regular menstruations).

Infertility Treatment Program

  • the first and the final specialist’s examination 
  • if necessary, one gynaecologic examination during the stay in „Daruvarske toplice“
  • therapeutic procedures on the specialist’s order (up to four types of therapies daily)
  • full board, (buffet -  breakfast, dinner, supper); accommodation in double room in “Termal”
  • recommended length of the program is 21 days 
  • PRICE: 630 EUR

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