Gynecological services

  • Gynecological examinations

  • Pap test

  •  Ultrasound scan by 2D/3D/4D technique, colored and power Doppler, transvaginal and transabdominal probes

  •  Cervical Biopsy

  • Cryocautery and Laser treatment  of pathological changes in the cervix

  • Removal of pathological changes on the cervix by LLETZ surgery

  • Diagnosis and Fertility treatments

  • Folliculometry and monitoring and stimulation of ovulation

  • Diagnosis of irregularities and Regulation of menstrual cycle: amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, polymenorrhea, hypomenorrhoea, hypermenorrhoea, menometrorrhagia

  • Treatment of gynecologic & endocrine disorders

  • Hysterosalpingosonography (HSSG/SI

  •  Postcoital test and Semen analysis

  • Artificial insemination with partner’s sperm (AIH)

  • Endiometrial biopsy and Histopathological diagnosis

  • Curettage and Histopathological diagnosis

  • Diagnosis and treatment of medical problems in perimenopause and postmenopause

  • Consultation and choice of contraception

  •  Insertion and removal of Intrauterine device