Health Resort - Biokovka

Health Resort & Hotel by the beach and at the foot of Mount Biokovo

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy, wellness, hotel services

In the heart of Dalmatia, at the intersection of all its ancient roads, in the well known ecological reserve Makarska Riviera, at the foot of magnificent Mount Biokovo, one of the highest mountains in the Mediterranean, by the very pebbly beaches among the longest and nicest in the Adriatic, continuously bordered by pine trees and Mediterranean vegetation, nearly immersed in the azure gown of the sea, such unique setting is where Biokovka, the famous health resort and hotel is situated. This unique health resort and hotel, owing to the exceptional beauty of nature, is situated in an area of annual mean temperature 16°C and the highest insulation in the Mediterranean

What makes Biokovka stand out among other hotels is the message it conveys. The awareness that such natural environment generously reveals and gives holiday making and medical treatment a new meaning. Moments when the body and the soul indulge in the beneficial effect of wind and the intact and serene environment. No matter what the season is or whether you have come for medical treatment or holidays the message of Biokovka is clear. Listen to the call of the crystal clear sky and the clearest sea, Dalmatian land and sun. The message of these primeval elements are coupled by the most sophisticated medical and therapeutic facilities at Biokovka that applied only at a highly educated staff, complete of this unique health resort.

An oasis for tourism, recreation and medical treatment offering you all the benefits of its hotel and catering facilities medical and therapeutic services combined with Makarska that has again become a fashionable summer resort the administrative, cultural and sports centre of this part of the Adriatic.




The diseases treated in resort:

  • joints degenerative diseases

  • arthrosis and spondyloarthrosis

  • ishias syndrome

  • periphery neurological diseases

  • rehabilitation after poliomyelitis

  • heamiparesis

  • effects of the thraumathological 

  • damages of bones and soft tissues

  • diseases of the periphery blood strain

  • polineurtis diabetica

  • diabetes mellitus



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