Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Daruvarske toplice (Daruvar Theramal)

Our partner Special Hospital Daruvarske toplice  achieve excellent results in the field of rheumatic diseases, in the treatments of all types of inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis etc.) and degenerative diseases of the spine and large joints (lumbar and cervical syndromes, hip and knee osteoarthritis).

Regarding medical rehabilitation, especially successful results are achieved in postoperative rehabilitation of total prostheses of hips and knees, corrective surgery on extremities, extirpation of spinal discus (hemi-laminectomy, laminectomy) and post-traumatic rehabilitation of contractures after injuries of loco-motor system.


Natural healing factors

The main natural healing factors in special hospital are thermal water and mineral mud (fango). By composition and balneal classification water is acratotherme i.e. indifferent water with mineralisation less than 1 gr/lit. Average water temperature is 46,6°C although there are minor differences at some water springs.

In chemical analysis prevail calcium and magnesium from cations and hydro-carbonates from anions. Capacities of the water springs are sufficient to meet the present needs.

Resources of the mineral mud are nearby the springs. Mineral mud has its origin in centuries-old process of decomposition of organic and inorganic substances caused by water and atmospheric agents and large variations of soil temperatures. By composition it is heavy bluish-gray clay with fine particles and grains of quartz-sand.

The mud (fango) effects therapeutically to an organism owing to its physical properties primarily high thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity.

The chemical characteristics of the mud are not so expressed, but biological effect is very important because it enhances irritability of organism providing thereby a number of useful therapeutic effects.