Physiotherapeutic Services Tranfić

Most problems with the loco motor system occur because of the reduced extent of the movement caused by pinched nerves, ligament or cartilage injuries, adhesions, muscle spasms, unwanted contact between tissue and cervical blood vessels. These disturbances can cause local pain or a spasm, but also symptoms such as tingling, a feeling of weakness in the arms and legs, dizziness, headaches… Long-term reduction in the range of movement causes chain reactions in the loco motor system by disrupting the function and structure of its parts and of the system as a whole. Our role is to quickly diagnose the condition and treat the causes of the disturbance, and to prevent it from reappearing. By using quick and specific therapeutic procedures, our partner physiotherapist Vinko Tranfić and his team of experts make the recovery as complete and as quick as possible to treat neurological disorders (stroke), incontinence, trauma and deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis). In twenty years of work and experience, it is their guiding principle to offer diagnostics, therapy and prevention to  patients that will pay off in the short term, but in the long term as well!

Our partner successfully treated a lot of top athletes such as high jumper Blanka Vlašić  and handball player Ivano Balić.

By innovative approach (our partner uses his own products Balansing table, The Seat for Excercise, Tanfix/Flex Necks) balancing spine and joints for the balancing the range of motion, we offer:


  • Elimination of  the problems with spine and joints

  • Activation of shortened muscles by normalization of mobility with positive affect on cellulite and weight loss

  • Reduce of problems and prevention of degeneration of hips, knees, foot and shoulders

  • Education on recreation;  recreation on innovative products for efficient and simple maintaining of fitness level;  recreation in nature

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