Premium Plus Sensor

The most important genetics analyses on one package. Optimal prevention and treatmemnt programme based on the genes.

  • The most important genetic analyses in one package

  • Analysis of more than 110 genetic variations

  • Prevention and treatment optimization for more than 35 diseases and metabolic problems

  • More than 230 drugs evaluated based on effects and side effects

  • Genetic nutrition optimization (Nutrigenetics)

  • More than 1000 food types evaluated based on your genes

  • Lose and keep your weight easily based on your genetic information

  • Optimal prevention and treatment program based on the genes


Through the analysis of the relevant polymorphisms, we can obtain valuable information for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. You can find out to which diseases you are genetically predisposed, what drugs are most effective, and how you can reduce your risk. The nutrition program will also help you to adapt your nutrition so that you neutralize disease risk and stay healthy. The analysis for weight loss will either help you quickly and effectively lose weight, or maintain your optimal weight without much effort.

PRICE: 1.515 EUR

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