Nutrime Complete

Micronutrient mixture based on the unique recipe on your genes.

The body needs calcium for maintaining normal bone mass. Selenium, vitamin C and E help to protect the body against oxidative stress, and vitamin B6 helps to normalize the metabolism of homocysteine. All these positive effects of vitamins are widely known, and there are many products that promise this protection for the body. These preparations are always created under the "one size fits all" principle, and offered in the same dosage.

This was until now the only way, since the actual individual nutrient requirements could not be measured. Today, we know that some genes increase the requirement of calcium which is necessary for maintaining normal bone mass. For certain people, our scientists recommend a higher dose of calcium.

According to this principle, there are currently 50+ known genes that influence over 20 different metabolic processes in which the correct intake of micronutrients plays a significant role. The genetic analyses show that the concept "one supplement for everyone" cannot work.

To order NutriMe, we need to first analyze your genes to determine the recommended micronutrients and the corresponding dosage. The genetic analysis is available in the DNAnutriControl program, under Nutrition Sensor and enables us to compile your individual micronutrient mix.



Available for 3 months: 393 EUR

Available for 6 months: 671 EUR

DNANutri Contol Package: 642 EUR

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