Weight Sensor

Genetically personalized weight loss programme with life long validity. Up to 2.5 times more success weight loss.  

  • Analysis of 8 genetic variations

  • What contributes predominantly to obesity, fat or carbohydrates?

  • Genetically customized nutrition and exercise program

  • Report with over 60 pages and 1000+ foods evaluated based on your genes

  • Weight loss program with lifetime validity

  • Daily menu plans based on your genes

  • Diet plan with the DNAnutriControl menu portal

Genes are the blueprint of our body, and it is estimated that 80% of obesity is caused by our genes. As each of us carries other genes, some people absorb too much fat, while others can even have twice as much fat in the diet and still absorb only the necessary amount. The situation is similar with carbohydrates. The optimum amount of exercise also depends on genes. Regular exercise may help some people lose weight very quickly, while for others it may be less efficient.

Which approach is right for you?

You can find out which weight loss approach is right for you, thanks to the new possibilities offered by human genetics. You will receive a list of more than 1000 foods tailored to your genes, showing what you can eat without problems, and what you should best avoid. This way you can eat what you like while losing or maintaining your weight.



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