Enjoy Mediterranean

Tailor Made Healthy Holiday / Wellness Retreat

Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the healthiest. Besides healthier and more balanced body and soul, it affects our beauty too, our skin, weight and fitness level.

We offer you a package in the heart of Croatian Mediterranean – Split. The largest Dalmatian city, Split, modern coastal Mediterranean town which was elected as the most alluring heritage site to live in from those on the UNESCO's World Heritage List, has developed out of palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian.  He chose, out of the whole mighty and grand Roman Empire, a little town under the Marjan hill to spend his retirement days because of the sulphuric waters and medicinal mud that was a natural heal for the rheumatic diseases. So, we may say that Diocletian was our first health enjoying Dalmatia and Mediterranean tourist 2000 years ago!

Why is Mediterranean lifestyle healthy and recommended for all groups of people, regardless of their age, medical condition and lifestyle? What do we offer to you? What are the results of great vacation with no stress or invasive medical procedures?

Programe consists of:

  • 5* Hotel near the centre of Split, on the beach
  • Yoga, pilates, aerobic
  • Wellness and spa
  • Beauty treatments
  • Mystery Murder Dinner
  • Time for party
  • Excursions
  • No stress zone; „Just relax and take it easy“ lifestyle...


  • Mediterranean diet - The Mediterranean Diet is a cultural, historical, social, territorial and environmental heritage. It is a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions ranging from the landscape to the table, which ends up on our tables. It is also a living legacy promoting respect for the cultural diversity and an expression of sociability and local communication reinforcing a feeling of identity.” (Mediterranean Diet Foundation: MedDiet Project: Mediterranean Diet and Enhancement of Traditional Foodstuff Project)

Mediterranean, and then of course Dalmatian diet is consisted of the meals made from the local products: olive oil, local fruit and vegetables, meat from the locally grown animals and wine, as a very strong social component.

Our nutritionists will make 15-days menu with the ingredients that are healthy, light (you will not fell the sense of heaviness and yet, you will be absolutely full), detox the body and are delicious. Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and light dinner) are balanced and are following principles of Mediterranean diet.

Given the fact that although this diet is healthy in general, we all have a different bodies and different predispositions. To make a diet completely healthy, it has to be customed to every person individually.



  • Prevention: fit and healthy your whole life

We offer you genetics tests in the renowned polyclinic in Dalmatia Analiza:

Premium Plus Sensor:

  • The most important analyses in one package
  • Analysis of more than 100 genetic variations
  • Prevention and treatment optimization for more than 35 diseases and metabolic problems
  • More than 230 drugs evaluated based on effects and side effect
  • Genetic nutrition optimization (Nutrigenetics)
  • More than 1000 food types evaluated based on your genes
  • Lose and keep your weight easily based in your genetic information
  • Optimal prevention and treatment programme based on genes

This genetic analysis package contains all of our genetic analyses for prevention, healthy eating and weight control and helps you reduce genetic disease risks and stay healthy. If you are already suffering from certain diseases, this analysis will help you to select the optimal therapy.


  • 5* Hotel near the centre of Split, on the beach- We offer you accommodation in 5* hotel Park, by the seaside and near the most famous sandy beach in Split - Bačvice. You can feel the real Mediterranean through the whole year, enjoying the sea, sun, green landscape (during the winter you can relax in the wonderful Mediterranean winter garden) and peaceful, idyllic surroundings. This exclusive and luxury hotel, with its traditional values in a new light in defiance to the accelerated pace of modern life,  continues to selflessly offer an unforgettable atmosphere and emotions. 



  • Cook your healthy meal by yourself - Under the supervision of the nutritionist, you have a chance to buy the ingredients on the Split open-air market, popularly called Pazar among natives (markets are the centre of life and meeting spot on the Mediterranean, full of life, vivid and a tray of old times) and cook a healthy meal in the hotel kitchen. We will organize at your request a two time cooking show with you as a chef.



  • Physical exercisesMediterranean way of life, besides the healthy food, includes a lot of physical activities. We organize exercises for the body fitness, every day, on the beach, under the guidance of our physiotherapist. Physical exercises on the fresh air are suited for everybody  regardless their  level of fitness.


  • Yoga, pilates, aerobic – We organize yoga, pilates or aerobic classes at your choice twice a week (four times in 14 days). The gym is at disposal everyday for our clients.



  • Wellness and spa: Regenerate your body and soul  enjoying the relaxation in the spa: take a swim in the pool (or, even better, in the sea, if the temperature is right), choose from the various massages and relax and detox in sauna, take care of your lungs and breathing in salt room. Relaxing and just enjoying will regenerate you body and soul, your state of mind and affect your beauty.



  • No stess zone; Just relax and take it easyMediterranean formula for healthy and long life.

Mediterranean is no stress zone! We want you to enjoy in the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere outsides, near the blue sea, green landscape or magnificent mountains.

We will drink coffee every day with you for a minimum hour and a half (in Split and Dalmatia we always say: let' s go for a coffee, and actually coffee can mean any drink).

It is the best therapy in the world and our way of life. We actually use it instead of therapists. Dalmatian people “patented” the way to enjoy life and actually don't move anywhere far or spend a lot of money. We will teach you as well! Hope you're going to expand this experience after you get home among your friends and family. The important part of the relaxed coffee is typical chit-chat. Don't worry, let us take care of that. It is actually very easy.



  • Stay young and beautiful - Healthy and relaxed life make a positive impact on our looks. We look more beautiful, fresher and younger after we  take care of our nutrition, body state and relaxed lifestyle in a stimulating surroundings. That are the foundation, now we have to go a few steps ahead to make us look the way we always dreamed.


  • The Complete You by Dora Duplančić (guided meditation, aromatherapy, crystal healing session, rejuvination and relaxation therapy) – Indulge in this 3 hour amazing healing for your body, mind and soul! This is a journey that will lead you into a place where all is still and peaceful. You will be meeting yourself on this journey, the essence you’ve neglected for so long. Now is the right time for some true peace and joy.


  • Beauty treatments -  We offer you at your choice antiaging laser treatments (it can't be done during the summer because of the strong sun), hylauronic and botox treatments, all other beauty (skin care, manicure, pedicure, anticelulitic treatments...) and hairdressing treatment at your choice, body and face massages, teeth whitening...



Izvor: TZ Grada Dubrovnika i TZ Splitsko-dalmatinske županije

  • Excursions -  Meet Dalmatia and Croatia. We will take to one day excursion to destination of your choice: Dubrovnik, Zadar, Plitvice Lake National Park, Krka National Park, Mostar (BiH). Excursions on islands Brač, Hvar and Vis are organized if the weather is suitable for sailing. We recommend one day trip to rural household where you can enjoy traditional meals and way of life of Dalmatian Hinterland, learn about local tradition and relax in the fresh air and magnificent landscape.



  • Time for party -  We organize thematic parties at your choice. We recommend Mystery Murder Dinner for one fun night where you will get the chance to be a real detectives who solve a murder crime. Great game with great food and great fun!


* We reccomend 5* hotel Park in Split. On demand, accommodation can be organized elsewhere, in hotel of lower category or private accommodation which do not distort programme quality.

* Package includes transfers from and to Split and all other transfers arranged by programme.

*Wellness and spa services, medical and dental treatments, beauty and hairdressing treatments  must be reserved and arranged in advance and that way they become part of the package and guaranteed for the clients. For all services requested on the spot, Agency doesn't guarantee their availability.

*Packages will be adjusted for every client and group individually. You can choose among various treatments, excursions...Every other additional request is welcomed.  

*Price will be defined after the client chooses the treatments, activities, excursions, transport and accommodation details etc.

*We can ensure you medical treatments at your choice

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Enjoy Mediterranean