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Business that involves fun, game, pleasure and relaxing? – it's possible – leave it to  Enjoy Health agency

Enjoy Health's Corporate Team Building Packages will turn individuals to an efficient team that works together and in synergy to reach a common goal. In the same time, they are having fun and relaxing in the healthy Mediterranean surroundings. Fun activities and tasks will strengthen the trust, coordinate creative thinking and improve intercommunication and cooperation of your team.

„Enjoy Your Team“ programme  consists of three days: for the first day we have prepared  intellectual team challenges, excitement and adventure of action film; for the second day simple and fun team physical games that will guarantee a lot of laughing, and these challenges are followed by relaxing and regeneration of the soul and the body with detox programme and wellness and spa services to return to the new business challenges relaxed and full of energy.

With the fun, adventure, health and relaxing to new business victories. Because only satisfied and coordinated team is a successful team!

Programmes are situated in Split, Croatian Mediterranean centre.


1 Day  - Life is a film – Intellectual Team challenge

  • Check in the 5 * hotel in Split (you can choose between two hotels, Park and Atrium, depending on the client's preferences)  
  • Going to  RoomEscape*
  • Mediterranean lunch

Lunch and other activities during the first day are formed considering the number of persons who participate in the game RoomEscape. If the number of persons is low and it leaves the free time during the afternoon, we will organize:

  • Spa and beauty treatments by your choice (massages, sauna, pool, anti aging programme with the laser, anti aging therapies with hyaluronic and botox, teeth whitening, various beauty and  hairdressing treatments)
  • Dinner in Dalmatian konoba (restaurant that serves traditional Dalmatian food and has traditional Dalmatian atmosphere)



2 Day – Life is a fun – Amusing and simple physical team challenges

  • Breakfast in hotel
  •  The following activity is chosen among two fun games:

Village Olympic Games** or  Beach Games***

  • Lunch -  depending  on the choice  of activity, we will organize:

Lunch at the rural household – choice of Village Olympic Games – enjoying the traditional delicates and wine of Dalmatinska zagora, participants learn about traditional lifestyle through ancient customs  in a magnificent landscape. Song and wine are obligatory

Diocletian's lunch in Diocletian's city – choice of Beach Games – taste the dishes of the greatest hedonists and gourmets – ancient Romans. We offer specialities of the ancient Rome prepared by Apicius culinary from the 1st century.

  • Evening party – theme according to agreement



3 Day – Life is beautiful – Regeneration of the body and soul by Mulier method

After exciting and amusing games, we need to relax and regenerate body and soul. After the wild party, we need detoxification. Day for enjoying and relaxing, but also for education.

  • Breakfast– smoothies by the recipe of nutritionist, healthy beginning of the day and detox programme.
  • Workshop with fun quiz and games about healthy Mediterranean diet which is a foundation of health and successful life. During the interactive workshop with quiz and games, participants will get the instructions how to continue with the healthy and balanced diet after they get back to their everyday life
  • Lunch – healthy and balanced lunch with the ingredients which regenerate our body. Participants cook together with professional chef and nutitionist. The goal is to apply knowledge they got on the workshop and try to cook, as independently as they can, healthy, balanced meal by the recipe of Mediterranean diet with the guidance and supervision of nutritionist. Participants may split into groups (it depends on the number of participants) and compete among teams which one will prepare more delicious meal



  • Wellness and exercises for the spine, breathing and general state of organism adjusted to each physical level with the guidance of physiotherapist. 
  •  We offer spa and beauty treatments by your choice (massages, sauna, pool, anti aging programme with laser, anti aging treatments with hyaluronic and botox, teeth whitening, various beauty (pedicure, manicure, little school of make up...) and hairdressing treatments. 

·    Full of energy and new elan, participants are going  home. 



*Room Escape - RoomEscape is a team game for 2 to 5 persons. Team members enter the thematic room where they have to solve various logical mysteries using elements in the room to find the way to escape prison or deactivate nuclear bomb in the bunker. Thematic rooms give a “sense of immersion” as you have entered in the action film in which you have a leading role. You will be completely engrossed by the theme. For an  hour you can become an convicts who are unjustly convicted and now are escaping from the prison or secret agents who are a few seconds far from a nuclear catastrophe and they are the only ones who can prevent it and save the world. There is no need to suppress your teammates in their perceptions and ideas because that’s the best part of the experience – start to communicate instinctively in a strange situation in a new and better way which can make visible some capabilities that were suppressed so far. Logic, intuition and teamwork are crucial for solving the game and for the “happy end”. The players are very interested during whole time of the game and it creates the sense of higher awareness and encourages communication among players. Unlike some other usual team building activities, this game doesn’t encourage competition between players because all of them have the same goal. This way the sense of collectiveness is build up among players and it enables them to see each other in a different light which improves their relationship after they get back into the real world. Participation doesn’t require any special skills or knowledges nor any kind of violence so the game is suitable for everyone.

The game can be played by 10 persons in the same time (5 persons in each game). The schedule is made to save the time for break, analyses and comments between two games. 


**Village Olympic Games - These wild and crazy Olympic Games are perfect for enjoying original Dalmatian games suited to all ages and physical fitness.  We guarantee to provide team officials to ensure the excitement and safety of each game. Our games are designed to motivate all participants and encourage teamwork and develop a sense of camaraderie. Olympic challenges include sawing wood, hammering the nails, throwing stone from the shoulder ("Kamena s ramena"), sack race, egg on spoon race...Village Olympic Games besides the fun physical games, provide an opportunity to enjoy the fresh county air and gastronomic traditional delicates of Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian Hinterland) with learning about traditional crafts, customs and lifestyle.

***·Beach Games -  Our team sets up “stations” along the beachfront, each one featuring a different Team Building challenge – fun tasks that require coordination and a bit of ingenuity to figure out, but no specific physical ability or fitness level, making this activity perfect for all kinds of groups. Challenges include „spider's web“, „lift the bucket“ and other amusing games that will definitely elicit more than a few laughs.This would be a structured team building that all members would participate in at all times. The afternoon will end with a wine, beer and sodas at a beachfront location.


* Clients have 5* hotels – Park and Atrium in Split – at their disposal. On demand, accommodation can be organized elsewhere, in hotel of lower category or private accommodation which do not distort programme quality.

* Package includes transfers from and to Split and all other transfers arranged by programme.

*Wellness and spa services, medical and dental treatments, beauty and hairdressing treatments  must be reserved and arranged in advance and that way they become part of the package and guaranteed for the clients. For all services requested on the spot, Agency doesn't guarantee their availability.

*Package can be adjusted according to wishes and needs of every client (company) individually. For every client Enjoy Health creates a special programme adjusted to his wishes and needs in order to achieve complete satisfaction with team building programme. Package can be extended on 4-5 days and additional services and activities can be included in all kind of packages.

*Price is calculated for every client apart dependent on wishes and needs, number of persons and other items in the programme.

*Number of nights depends on the transfer options. There is possibility that clients arrive the night before the begging of the programme or have to stay a night after programme. We will make sure that our clients get the best programme and schedule.

* Activities Village Olympic Games and Beach Games are organized for minimum of 20 persons. If the group has less than 20 persons, we offer exciting games at your choice: Old Town Challenge, James Bond, Paintball, Treasure Hunt, Labyrinth, Stone challenges. Groups with more than 20 persons can also choose one of the alternative games.







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