8 Day All Inclusive Tai Chi & Yoga Retreat on Croatian Seaside

Mindfulness, Relaxation, Happiness.  Enjoy healthy lifestyle, relax, detox and heal your body and soul near beautiful Croatian blue sea and green landscape!

 You can choose from a wide variety of our additional services and activities created after your wishes and needs. This tailor made retreat will make a transformation and an experience of your life.


Programme period: December 9 - 16, March 17 - 24


The retreat progamme – Lifetime journey for you!

During the retreat, you will be able to get rid of the stress and balance the harmony of your body and mind with everyday tai chi, chi kung and zen yoga. All this practices are practical philosophy that changes you on so many levels: physical level (they boost your immune system, improve bone density, balance, flexibility and strength, make more relaxed and agile body, lower blood pressure, delay the effects of aging, improve blood and lymph circulation); energy level (your vital energy is developed and circulates without blockages through the body; mind level (you become more alive, alert, clear; spiritual level – they bring peace and harmony to your mind and body, you connect more with yourself and the world around you).


Chi kung (Qi gong) training consists of gentle exercises that connect our body, breath, energy and mind into one integrated whole.

Tai chi (Taijiquan) training consists of exercises like qi gong with added circular, spiral movement that simulate inner martial art principles.

Zen yoga and qi gong training consists of yoga poses and asanas, sitting meditation and qi gong exercises.

Energizing massage (Shiatsu, craniosacral, fascia and central channel treatments) are energizing massages that follow the same principle (Shiatsu massage stems from Traditional Chinese medicine as well): stimulate a free flow of energy through the body. Through the deep relaxation body's natural ability to heal itself comes into play.


Basic package includes:

Self massage & Warming up exercises / Tibetan Stretching

Detox breakfast

Wellness & Spa services; Free time

Mediterranean lunch in the hotel prepared by hotels chefs according to nutritionist’s menu

Chi kung + Tai chi / Chi kung + Zen yoga (it is exchanging every other day)

Dinner in the hotel prepared by hotels chefs under the supervision of hotels nutritionist

1 Energizing massage for everyone in 7 days



Wellbeing in incredible, unique area – wellness magic

Our obligation in life is take care of ourselves and enjoy our life. Rejuvenation, relaxation and joy in this retreat will inspire you to transform you in your everyday life and find your essence.

Escape to magical world of wellbeing; let our expert therapists remove your stress off.

Start you day with Tibetan stretching  adjusted to all kind of fitness levels and suitable for everybody. Our experts will guide you through exercises to start your day with healthy and fit body and an impulse of happiness. 

Also, enjoy a great variety of massages at your choice and needs, indoor and outdoor heated pool, Finish and Turkish sauna, gym, and various kinds of beauty and anti-aging treatments in the hotel.



Taste the health – Nutrition for great fitness and health for gourmets

It is scientifically proven that Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Besides healthier and more balanced body and soul, it affects our beauty too, our skin, weight and fitness level.

The Mediterranean Diet is a cultural, historical, social, territorial and environmental heritage. It is a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions ranging from the landscape to the table, which ends up on our tables. Mediterranean, and then of course Dalmatian diet is consisted of the meals made from the local products: olive oil, local fruit and vegetables, meat from the locally grown animals and wine, as a very strong social component.

How to eat healthy and enjoy the food? Stay fit and never be hungry? How to detox your body?  – Our doctor nutritionist will prescribe you balanced healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) suitable for every diet habit or preferences for the everyday of your retreat.



Hotel Ola

This little piece of heaven on earth, this beautiful modern 4* hotel, possess that special esoteric spirit that will capture you at the front gate. Enjoy the unique mix of relaxation, activities for the body and mind, as well as natural beauty. Adding to the breathtaking view of the surroundings and an amazing blue sea, every morning as you wake up, the philosophy of the Ola Hotel is based on a lifestyle concept enabling you to live a modern life in harmony with nature and your inner self. Putting aside the busy everyday life, the hotel allows you to enjoy a unique vacation, coupled with traditional diet and various relaxation methods.



 Walking, hiking, cycling tour – optional

"Walking is man’s best medicine" is probably one of the most popular quotes by Hippocrates. To walk in company or alone is an activity that offers genuine healing effects. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, there is the Napoleon's Road, also known as the Route of Health, taking you to the St. Elias Church from the 13th century and to the peak of the mountain of Vlaška, where we come across intact stone, immortelle, common heather and sage.

Exploration of this route is one of the favorite activities of our guests. The Napoleon’s Road hasn’t changed since 1807 when it was built, and it still offers numerous visitors the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of the Seget valley and of the archipelago of Central Dalmatian islands – Drvenik, Šolta, Brač, Hvar and Vis.



Amazing cultural visits to UNESCO towns - optional

Hotel Ola is located near UNESCO towns Split and Trogir  with its famous cultural history..  

At your choice, we offer you a unique experience in the heart of Croatian Mediterranean – Split. The largest Dalmatian city, Split, modern coastal Mediterranean town which was elected as the most alluring heritage site to live in from those on the UNESCO's World Heritage List, has developed out of a palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian – which was one of the famous Roman Wellness & Spa. He chose, out of the whole mighty and grand Roman Empire, a little town under the Marjan hill to spend his retirement days because of the sulphuric waters and medicinal mud that was a natural heal for the rheumatic diseases. So, we may say that Diocletian was our first health enjoying Dalmatia and Mediterranean tourist 2000 years ago!


Price: from 1.279,00 EUR / person

*supplement for single room: 155,5 EUR


Price includes:

Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner in 4* hotel Ola, double bedroom (it is possible to pay extra for a single room), near the sea; Every day full board;  Chi kung, Tai chi, Zen Yoga practice every day for 90 minutes; 1 individual energizing massage, 60 minutes; Every day Self massage and warming up exercises or Tibetan stretching, 25 min; Wellness & Spa services: indoor & outdoor pool, Turkish & Finish saunas, Gym; Full insurance package –health travel insurance, accident insurance and baggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance; Travel cancelation insurance is 2,75% of the total price of the package


* Transfers are not included in price

* We recommend one day of therapy and a nice trip to Kairos vineyard enjoying an amazing and relaxing landscape and let you soul be healed with native Croatian wines and food.


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Programme period:  December 9 - 16, March 17 - 24

Number of personsmin 10 persons

Duration: 8 Days

Opening times and prices: We are opened during the whole year, dependable on reservations.


30 % per person on the day of reservation.

The rest of the money prior the arrival.

Terms of cancellation:

If the rest of the sum isn't paid prior the arrival, it will be considered that the reservation is cancelled. If the reservation isn't cancelled prior to the agreed term, advance in amount of  30%  per person will not be returned to the client.

Last minute arrangements must be paid as a lump sum on the reservation day.



Sonja Jukić, our Chi kung, Tai chi & Zen yoga instructor and energizing masseuse:

Sonja Jukićhas been practising qigong and taijiquan for 12 years, zen yoga (or Chinese yoga) and Chinese calligraphy for 6 years, shiatsu massage and craniosacral therapy for 5 and 2 years.

In  2011 and 2015 she spent three months in China practising taijiquan and calligraphy. She acquired a certificate as an authorised instructor for taijiquan in 2011 under the grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (the 19th generation lineage holder of Chen-style taijiquan) and has been teaching it since then. She also combines qi gong and zen yoga in her classes.